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Holiday (homework)

Personally, my view is that homework is totally unnecessary for primary school pupils and those in the first three years of secondary school education. However, I will concede that it is necessary when students reach their crucial exam years.

At that stage – from year 10 and higher – homework assignments serve a purpose; they provide opportunities for students to develop valuable skills in independent research, academic citing, and the fundamental principles of academic honesty.

A few days ago, we came across an interesting article which questions the necessity of holiday homework. Here in Singapore, it is evident that we’ve gone past the stage of questioning. Parents accept it as a fact of life for their school-going children and complain among themselves while nagging their children to complete their homework at the same time.

What do you think of the writer’s view? Should holiday homework comprise of repetitive exercises which help reinforce what has been taught in the months before, assigned readings that would be tested upon in the new semester or project work that help develop other skills not taught in the classroom? We know which one of these would be the toughest option but education isn’t about taking the easy way out, is it?

Happy holidays in the meantime, we’ll see you again next year!