Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) What tuition service does TuitionCulture.com offer?

At Tuition Culture, we make it simple to locate tutors or tuition centres for your son or daughter or yourself that meet your needs at an affordable rate! We are an agency that match tutors, mentors and coaches with learners of all ages including adult learners. We also link you up to tuition centres if you are looking for group learning for yourself or your child.

We connect students with quality and experienced tutors. We check and filter the tutors for you, and work with you to meet your needs. TuitionCulture.com is inclusive from prep school to adult, catch-up classes to extension, TuitionCulture.com’s mission is to inspire successful learners and to support families!

In addition to academic tuition, we also source tutors for more specialised requirements e.g. adult education, career coaching or IT training, CV review and mock interview assistance.

Tuition Culture is a registered Private Limited in Singapore, and we are professionals working for you to find the best tutor you or your child. We recruit and handpick our tutors, as well as constantly give feedback to our tutors to ensure they deliver the service that meet standards.

How does it work? How long do you take to assign me a tutor? When can the tuition start after I make my first request?

Step 1: First register your request on our website! If you are first 100 from April – May, you get $20 off your fees (subject to reasonable terms and conditions!)

Step 2: TuitionCulture.com, on average we take about 2 working days to reach out to our tutors and another 1 day for screening. This depends on whether it is a peak period for our tutors. Try to get a tutor earlier as it takes time for a student to work with the tutor to review his/her study patterns, use of right subject materials build fundamentals and to show improvement in grades.

Step 3: You get a choice of tutors, within 3-5 workings and normally tuition can start right after if you decide to proceed, depending on the schedule of the tutor.

Example, you made a request on Monday, we will get back to you by Friday and normally you can arrange to start the tuition on the weekend or Monday at the earliest.

What if I don’t find the tutor suitable?

If you are not satisfied with the new tutor, please let us know within first 2 lessons. We will replace another tutor for you without charging any agency fee on the first tutor. Payment will however need to be made to the first tutor.

How much do I have to pay you for getting my child / myself a tutor?

We do not charge parents/client any fee. The fee is levied on our tutors.

You will pay to us instead of the tutor, the fee for the first two lessons. After which the tutor will liaise with you directly.

I made a request but no suitable tutor is found. What can I do?

Closer to examination period, Singapore run short on quality tutors, and it becomes increasingly difficult to source for a tutor. The best way is to get a tutor before the peak period.

We found that these two options are best in getting a tutor when first search fails. Repeating a new search, having a more flexible timing and increasing hourly rate by between $10 – $20. Get the best tutor and save time agonizing over it.

How is the process like once I submit my request to you?

1)    We send you a confirmation to confirm receipt of your request

2)    We proceed to match a tutor for you and contact you within 5 working days

3)    Suitable tutors are listed for your choosing if there are more than one. (We may call you to request for more information to help refine the search)

4)    A tutor is confirmed if you choose to proceed, and an confirmation email is sent you and tutor.

5)    A time is arranged with you for the tutor to deliver the first lesson

6)    We take your feedback after first lesson

7)    Fees are collected after 2nd Lesson (example, 4 lessons, once a week, the fee is collected on 2nd lesson)

Our coordinators will sometimes use “caller-ID non-display” lines to you and it will show up as “BLOCK” or SKYPE/Google voice as we encounter large volume of calls. Please bear with us on this.

Is the tutor profile you provide accurate?

The profile we provide you is entered by tutors who signed up with Tuition Culture. We take reasonable care to verify this information either through phone calls, face-to-face interview during our training, past-experience, or tele-interview. However, we cannot guarantee that every information provided is accurate due to the volume of tutors.

How do you verify the qualification of your tutors?

The verification process at Tuition Culture is for the tutors to upload their education certificate to us, and we will check. Sample checks are also made with tutors at their campus or in person.

We take care the tutor you are about to hire is of quality!

In addition, you will also be able to review the certificates and NRIC of the tutor. We inform our tutors to bring along their certificates and NRIC for verification, so that you know the tutor you hire through us is qualified. Most of the time, we have already interviewed our tutors at major university campus and have verified their certifications, identify their personality, teaching style and coach them on how to deliver good tuition.

What level of tutors should I select for myself or my child?

Most of our tutors are university undergraduates or graduates with degree or diploma. We have tutors who are providing full time tuition, and Ministry-of-Education trained school teachers. Tutor selection is more subjective depending on your child’s learning style and needs.

This is a general guide line according to the qualification and type of tutor which you may find helpful:

  • High School/’A’ level / Diploma Tutors –

For budgeted clients, young tutors who have just finished A levels, and performed well in ‘O’ or ‘A’ level may fit the bill. Their charge-out rates are affordable and they are very familiar with the local syllabus since they just finished the exam.

  • Part-time Tutors (University Undergrads & Graduates)

Largest pool of tutors in Singapore with many who are still fresh in understanding how to study and techniques to studying. However, undergraduates may become busier during their examination period. As for graduates with a full-time job, their availability are usually limited to weekday evenings or weekends. We have seen good tutors emerged from this group of tutors.

  • Full-time Tutors

Tutors who are full-time in giving tuition, and may have many years of  experience in delivering effective teaching.

  • National Institute of Education (NIE) Trainees Teachers / National School Teachers/ International Teachers/Super Tutors

Highest in demand, but with limited availability. These teachers have the highest charge-out rates.